Neuschwanstein Castle, also called the New Swan Rock, is a historic place with a majestic setting. This medieval-looking castle served as a stage for the making of several fairytale films, and much more. It is also a royal residence with very inspiring tourist assets. Discover Neuschwanstein Castle through this article.

Visit of the interior of the castle

The visit to the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle is a guided tour. It allows you to visit the historical places and soak up the history of the castle. We discover an entrance hall with a magical decoration, a throne room that extends to two floors. Then there is the dining room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the chapel, the toilets, work cabinets and a large living room. The large living room is covered with paint dedicated to the great knights, the bedroom, the dining room and the toilet are decorated with carved woodwork and striking murals. The chapel being a spiritual place is adorned with magnificent furniture and an altar worthy of its rank. In addition, the bedrooms and several rooms have been designed to be fed directly by stream water. The kitchen has been designed with roasting pin equipment.

Discover Lake ALPSEE

Lake ALPSEE is a beautiful lake with clear waters surrounded by mountains covered with dense forests. The predominant fauna is the swan, an animal very present also in fairy tales. For more information, go to These swans perfectly complement the natural and attractive beauty of the lake. Hikes can be made on the roof of the mountains to admire the view of the lake. It is also possible to enjoy the calm and freshness of the lake thanks to a boat or pedal boat.

Marienbrücke Bridge

This bridge is built at the height of Neuschwanstein Castle. It allows you to see the splendor of the castle without entering it. This bridge allows you to admire the sunrise over the towers of the castle and by the way to take unpublished photos of this place. The ascent to this bridge can be done by car, bike or bus at Füssen station.