The ethereum is an electronic plate allowing to realize successively applications. These applications contain security software, payment systems and also voting methods. It must be said that ethereum is a branch of the crypto currency. In the following lines, you will see how ethereum works and how to invest in it.

Ethereum: how it works

The functioning of ethereum is similar to an accessible software space. It works through blockchain technology. The blockchain is embedded in many computers around the world. It is therefore a decentralized system. Every computer holds a copy of the blockchain and it is necessary to have the majority of its agreement before making any change in the network. The ethereum blockchain is similar to that of bitcoin in that it records the history of all the various transactions. However, ethereum also allows its users to realize and extend decentralized applications. The main objective of cryptos, as everyone knows, is to mine ethereum within the blockchain. This is generally how ethereum works.

Ethereum : how to invest in it

Once you have bought the ethereum tokens called ester, the value is converted to fiat currency. In other words, ethereum is sold to you in exchange for a currency. In case the value of ethereum rises, it is possible to sell it in order to make a profit. But if you sell it while its value is falling, you are bound to make a loss. The ester you acquired will be put into your portfolio. If you have a CFD trading account, you can make financial transactions on the change of the ester without actually owning the crypto-currency. It goes without saying that instead of owning the property, you are activating a party that raises or lowers the ethereum currency in exchange for a fiat currency. With CFDs, it is just a percentage of your capital that will be tied up.