Today's world is based on the technology of the Internet. The latter exists thanks to the DNS protocol, which is one of the oldest protocols on the Internet. Be aware that if the DNS service fails, the transmission system will take a hit. Unfortunately, the internet has become a target for hackers nowadays and is subject to many attacks such as DNS tunneling. We will discuss the technique and side effects of DNS tunneling via this article.

DNS tunneling techniques

To access your website, you just need to know the domain name associated with the IP address. But, DNS tunneling is a bad use of DNS protocol because it allows the attacker to have access to that website for the purpose of modifying data. Visit this site for more details. For this, the hackers use the DNS protocol allowing access to sensitive information to harm the user of the site. Also, these faithless people use DNS flaws to steal sensitive information for political, social or simply to steal credit card numbers or email or social security addresses.

The effects of DNS tunneling

The consequences of DNS tunneling can be both damaging and long-lasting for most businesses or companies where customer privacy is crucial. DNS tunneling bypasses all firewalls which is why social network administrators are unable to stop it. As a result, DNS tunneling can have consequences such as customer defection, brand damage and loss of revenue. DNS tunneling is not the only known attack on DNS data. There is also cache poisoning or the ghost domain attack. Administrators of social or computer networks should be aware of the problems of DNS data modification. Similarly, cyber attacks are also a form of DNS tunneling.