Want to find love and finally settle down ? Don’t worry, for over 20 years dating sites have helped us meet people without traveling. An efficient and fast method that you can take advantage of for free or by subscribing to a subscription. So if you are looking for love without wasting time, read this review to find out which online dating site to choose.

Overview of the best free dating sites

With the onset of the pandemic, dating online has become even more popular. It must be said that the technique is a great alternative to meetings in public places which are currently closed. For more information, see here now . Especially since it is much safer since it allows everyone to get to know each other a little more before embarking on a real relationship. Thus, dating sites meet all our current communication habits.

What are the best free online dating sites

•Adopt a guy

With over 10 million users, AdopteUnMec is one of the most well-known dating sites. Focusing on women, this site is only free for the fairer sex. Men only have a free trial period. AdopteUnMec allows women to put the men they like in their baskets, for possible discussions and meetings.


Tinder is the second most popular free dating site in France. Available on both Play Store and Apple Store, Tinder works using the matching system. With this system, anyone can click on a heart, to show their interest in the other. In case of mutual appreciation, there is a « match » and discussions can begin. Tinder records no less than 20 billion matches per day.


With Happn, you will discover a geolocated application that will allow you to get in touch with connected singles met outside. This original app has nearly 40 million followers and is completely free. Security is provided with options such as those that allow you to not know exactly where each other is. Exchanges are only possible in the event of mutual appreciation.

•Attractive World

Attractive World is also an application you can count on for great meetings, walks or workshops between singles. Intended for demanding singles, this site works by affinity. In addition, registration is free, but gives the right to manual checks, under which members of the site’s community can refuse or not, to include new members.


If you are looking for a fun and interactive dating site then HugAvenue might just be for you. Free for women, HugAvenue has at least 3,585,196 users. It is presented as a social network and works by profile analogies, but also by chats, photo sharing and geolocation.