A trade show is the place where buyers and sellers meet, where brands and consumers discover each other. As such, competition is fierce between each booth for attraction of many visitors. If you exhibit, you must take care about the appearance of your stand. To help you stand out, follow the tips listed in this article.

What are the main qualities of a booth ?

A trade-show booth is a small area designed to present products or services at trade shows, professional exhibitions or at exhibitions. The Europexpo site gives more advice on the subject. The trade-show booth must be attractive and must be seen from a distance.

It must appeal to passers-by at first sight in order to make them want to visit it. To avoid misunderstanding, the stand should clearly reflect the information about the company. It must highlight the products it offers.

Tips for attracting the most customers to your trade-show booth

Designing a trade show booth is all about making an immediate impact in the eyes of people walking by. Promote your booth before and during the exhibition. Inform your contacts of your participation in the show. If you have the possibility, opt for a strategic location with excellent lighting.

In addition, the decoration is essential in the realization of your exhibition stand. The sides and the background that serve as walls can be covered with tarpaulins to get a good effect.

Use bright, eye-catching colors. You can enhance your booth with the colors present on your logo. To be visible from afar, do not hesitate to use roll ups or kakemonos. Finally, animate your stand! Use experienced, welcoming and, above all, smiling salespeople.

The appearance and behavior of the sales representatives must be in phase with the commercial message. To make your stand lively, do not hesitate to give a product demonstration, or a conference.