The reaction of Internet users after the Newcastle United game is quite understandable. For some, it was points scored with the Burnley win. Throughout the match, it was clear that Newcastle would come out on top. Although there were several chances that went begging. The question is what is going on with the Newcastle United fans and what are they hoping for next?

Newcastle's achievement last Sunday

It was an outstanding Wednesday night as Callum Wilson for the Premier League made his mark. Wins need to come in a row for this season. At least that's what the fans want for next Sunday at Leicester City. More information can be found at This access is due to Callum's remarkable past. It was a 1-0 match against Burnley who lost. The loss of Burnley is therefore a favor that allows Newcastle United to play next Sunday night. What makes fans happier is that the club will no longer be in the deportation zone thanks to Eddie Howe's performance. Thanks to the new points scored by Newcastle United, the new rank is 17th, so at the second bottom of Watford with just three (03) points.

The performance of the players

The whole team put in a lot of effort for this victory. Howe's presence was a blessing for Newcastle. This weekend proved that with results. But Callum Wilson was also very good in attack. The fans are amazed, because he also had a lot to do with the victory against Burnley. As for Joelinton, he didn't give up on the comeback at all. He showed a not inconsiderable feat. Not to mention the participation of Saint-Maximin, who constantly controlled all the time he was on the field. The skills of Almiron Miguel did not remain on the sidelines. The main thing is that Newcastle gets out once again on Sunday. This time the players all wore their shirts well.