Entering a foreign country is necessarily conditioned by certain requirements. One of them to enter Mexico is the new tourist tax. Mexico has actually made it mandatory for all travellers in the Quintana Roo territory to obtain the Visitax tourist tax. What does it consist of and how to get it?

What is the consistency of visitax?

The new Mexican tax applies in general to any foreigner over four years old, entering the regions of Quintana Roo. Visitax in fact, concerns Cancun, Tulum and Cozumel Island. Quintana is, however, an area that is full of attractive sites. This justifies the attraction of the tourist mass to the place. As a result, the Mexican State has seen fit to declare a tax in order to improve the local tourism sector in Quintana Roo. In April 2021, the decision is applied to bring all tourists to contribute to the preservation, protection and improvement of the sites to offer a unique experience to visitors. Thus, the tax is compulsory for all tourists on its lands regardless of the reasons for travel. The receipt of payment is in this case presented at the boarding to prove the effectiveness of the payment of the tax. So how to get your tax payment receipt.

The three different steps to obtain the visitax online

The process of obtaining the tourist tax is simple and quick. It basically takes three steps to pay and in a short time, with the payment receipt. The first step is to fill in the online form. This part requires information on the applicant's name, passport number, age and email. The second step is to validate the information by paying for the service with a credit card or PayPal. The third step is the reception. Once the registration of the data is done, the applicant receives a receipt in his mailbox one hour later. It consists of a unique QR code and the information filled in the form.