The winter cold is already claiming its share of the weather and settling in. It is then necessary to think of protecting oneself. Coats are in their heyday and we all want to find the one that will allow us to stay warm and get through this cold period without too much trouble. To find the right coat, you have to take into account several details and several criteria. Read on to find out how to choose your coat.

Choosing between the 4 lengths of coat

Its primary purpose is to protect from the cold, so the material used to make it is very important. You can see here the most used materials for a coat. Thus, you can choose a thick fur coat and a lighter cashmere one. Depending on the clothes you wear, you can choose a different size. So we have the short coat that stops at the hips, the mid-length coat that goes after the middle of the thighs, the long coat that ends after the knee and the very long coat that stops at your feet.
It is best to choose a coat that stops at your dress or skirt. When you are wearing pants, you should refer to the coat on top.

The different cuts of coat

Choosing a coat also means finding the cut that fits you like a glove. A straight coat is more a male model but can go well on a woman when you have the right size. A fitted coat is more feminine because it marks the waist thinner than the hips. It is adapted to the female silhouettes and will make them happy by giving a stylish look even in the middle of winter.
We also have the oversize coat. As its name suggests it is worn at a higher size, giving a chic style with a belt. It is enough to have the morphology that fits. Finally, some coats are designed with a cross-body humming, which closes on both sides. More dressed up, it will be perfect for special occasions.