Music is a timeless and universal art, which has always played an essential role in human culture and society from the earliest times. In France, in the 80s, several singers marked their time through some of the songs that were a total success. In this article, you will discover four of the most popular French songs of the 80s.

Le Banana Split (of the singer and actress Lio)

Lio, whose full name is Vanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, was born on June 17, 1962, in Portugal. She is a singer and actress known for her Portuguese-Belgian background and proficiency in the French language. To learn more about the french 80s song that gained popularity, keep reading. She was best known in 1980 thanks to her song Le Banana split, composed by Jay Alanski and arrangements by Marc Moulin. 
Indeed, this song, Le Banana Split, is a song that combines a melody with lyrics tinged with metaphors. Through this song carried by the characteristic pop style of the time, Lio expresses a passionate love. The rhythm of the lyrics evoked in this song fully contributed to its instant popularity, making entire generations dance and sing.

Couleur Menthe À L'eau (of singer and lyricist Eddy Mitchell)

Claude Moine, known as Eddy Mitchell, is a French singer and songwriter, born July 3, 1942, in Paris. First, he was a member of the French rock group, Les Chaussettes Noires where he began to experience success in 1961. In 1980, his song titled Couleur Menthe à L'eau, appearing on the album Happy Birthday, allowed the latter to experience great commercial success.  
The musical style of this song is a captivating mix of pop and rock, with catchy electric guitars. Through the melodious verses, Eddy Mitchell transports the listeners into a world where the emotions are quite deep. Her warm and haunting voice brings the lyrics to life and creates an intimate emotional connection with the listener. 

Pour Le Plaisir (by singer Herbert Léonard)

Herbert Léonard, civil status Hubert Lœnhardt is a French singer and author, born on February 25, 1945, in Strasbourg. With his album Pour le Plaisir released in 1981 by Polydor and certified gold, Herbert Léonard embodied love in its most fulfilling aspect. This song sporting an enchanting pop style has touched the hearts of many listeners through the decades.  
Carried by the distinctive and emotional voice of Herbert Léonard, the song evokes the exquisite joy of being madly in love. The lyrics convey a palpable tenderness and evoke an intimate connection that feeds on pleasure and passion. The title Pour Le Plaisir was an instant hit upon its release, quickly climbing the music charts. The haunting melodies and suggestive lyrics have made this song a timeless hymn to sensual love.

Joe Le taxi (of the singer and model Vanessa Paradis)

Vanessa Paradis, whose real name is Vanessa Chantal Paradis, was born on December 22, 1972, in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (France). In 1987, the talented artist Vanessa Paradis captivated her listeners with her iconic hit Joe Le taxi. This song, imbued with a catchy melody and a cheerful rhythm, instantly propelled the young singer to the status of an icon of the 80s.  
Carried by her suave voice, Vanessa Paradis quickly emerged as one of the most promising of his generation. With this song, the artist left an indelible mark on the history of French popular music. Thanks to the success of this song, the artist laid the foundations for an exceptional artistic career, varied musical collaborations and fruitful cinematic explorations.