Celebrating the birthday is the most special holiday in the course of man. It refers to the organization: choice of date, friends to invite, cake, location all prepare. So, to make your child's birthday memorable, follow the ideas given in this article.

Make a filmed play

To make your child's birthday more rosy, the best way to make him happy is to make it a surprise. In fact, ask each participant to dress up so that he or she doesn't realize that we want to surprise him or her. To do this, no theme is planned in advance and on your side prepare the party room by decorating for example a stage area for the animation. To learn more, visit this site. 

Gather the children, let them choose a theme (like Mars, the circus, the fictional world...), help them build a story and assign roles. When their work is assembled and ready to be performed, you can offer to film them to celebrate the moment and watch the video together over well-deserved snacks!

Have a colorful day

Is your child's favorite color yellow? Plan a completely yellow day for her! Combine all the items of that color in the house and hide other items, plan a yellow decoration, bring out Christmas wreaths to create a festive atmosphere, wear yellow clothes, and have a yellow snack. Bake lemon pies, make fruit skewers (like bananas, pears, pineapples, purple plums) dipped in white chocolate, and make lemons to quench your thirst. Have a raffle around yellow and curry, turmeric and lemon, and create a special yellow quiz. If your child likes red or green, you can of course organize the day around one of those colors!

Organize an outing in his profile

To make it more fun for your child, bring her together with you on a family outing. For example, you can take her to the beach where you can take photos as a family, film the whole thing with you. And finally, sing and dance, then give him gifts like: jewelry, paintings, clothes of his favorite color, etc.