The loading speed of Twitter has been reduced in Russia

According to Russia's media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, Russia will slow down the loading speed of Twitter on phones and laptops in the country. Rosklmnadzor added that the move was to protect Russians from the danger Twitter poses.    Earlier this year, Roskomnadzor accused Twitter and other social med... Read

Australian man pleads guilty to filming dying officers

Richard Pusey, a 42 years old mortgage banker, has pleaded guilty to using his phone to video four police officers after they were hit by a lorry driver. He was charged with "outraging public decency", being under the influence of drugs, and other criminal charges.  Pusey is among the few Australian... Read

Blast in Equatorial Guinea kills 105 people

A bomb blast that happened at a military barrack in Bata, a city in Equatorial Guinea, led to the death of 105 people and injured at least 600 people. Human rights organizations say the death toll is higher than the official number.   Human rights organizations have also called for an inquiry into h... Read

Brazil's healthcare system overwhelmed by new coronavirus cases

According to data from Brazil's health ministry, almost all the intensive care units in most Brazilian states are filled with people infected with the coronavirus. The increasing cases have caused concern among scientists and health care experts.  A new strain of the coronavirus that was detected in... Read

Cathay Pacific Airways lost $2.8 billion in 2020

Cathay Pacific Airways, a Hong Kong airline, lost up to $2.8 billion in 2020. The airline's loss has been attributed to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the travel industry and the airline's restructuring efforts.  The loss is not unexpected. The airline had warned investors that it's Q3-Q4... Read


Where to find cider to buy?

Cider is a kind of low-alcohol drink that is obtained from the fermentation of apple juice. It is very loved by many people who mostly do not know where to buy it. Where can you find cider to buy? Then read this article for more information. Go directly to a manufacturer To have good cider to buy, one of the most effective ways is to go to a manufacturer. If it's the Gluten Free Cider you want, all you have to do is 'specify. Indeed, there are several advantages to going to a manufacturer. For e...